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Are the new Athletic Policies at SHS too strict?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Have the new athletic policies at Swampscott High School become too strict? Some believe that the policies constructed by the new Athletic Director seem too harsh for student-athletes attending the high school.

The new Athletic Director, Ms. Farley, has made new changes this year regarding the policies for student-athletes at Swampscott High. Many people believe the new policy of having to be at school before 8:25 A.M is unfair for the students. “I don’t think the policy is fair for the students. Someone may have a tough morning, waking up late, and coming in a little after 8:25 A.M, and won’t be able to practice.”, Soccer Captain Danny Hingston explained. He woke up late for school one morning, arriving at 8:27 A.M, deeming him ineligible to participate in practice that day. The player was very upset about the news of him being unable to play due to the fact of him waking up late. Many students at the school do not agree with Ms. Farley’s protocol. Another new policy created by the new Athletic Director is that on Mondays, the student must be in class for all five classes, Tuesday through Thursday, they must be present in four of the five classes, and Friday they also must be present in all five classes. Student Lydia Antrim, a member of the field

hockey team, does not agree with the new policies created with the new Athletic Director. “It’s not fair because if someone has an important appointment during school and they miss more than one period they shouldn’t be kept from participating in their extracurricular activities.”

Though many students disagree with the actions of the new Athletic Director, Ms. Farley, it seems parents of the athletes understand her point of view. “I think Ms. Farley’s policies will help make sure kids are on time for school. They shouldn’t be able to skip classes and get away with it.” said Kim Ceccarelli when asked about the topic. Athletic eligibility depends on the Athletic Director’s decisions, which vary depending on the school.

Marblehead High School’s rules for students on an athletic team seem very distant to the ones Ms. Farley organized when becoming the new Athletic Director at Swampscott High School. Sabrina Doughman, a senior at Marblehead High, explains the policy for athletes. “The policies at Marblehead are very different. You have to be at the school by 11:00 A.M to be able to play that day. Also you must be passing English and Wellness to be eligible to play.” Considering the differences, does this make the Athletic Department’s rules and guidelines Swampscott High strict?

The SHS Blueprint was unable to reach Ms. Farley to comment on the subject.

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