Surviving Quarantine Boredom The Ultimate List of Escaping Coronavirus Quarantine Boredom

Ryan Henry

These are confusing times, scary for some, horribly boring for others. No matter who you are, the Covid-19 Virus is probably affecting your life in some capacity. Despite the fact that it may be boring, remaining socially distant and limiting contact with others is important to get through this and keep the world a safe place. We here at The Blueprint know this is a moment when we could all use a way to busy ourselves to escape the difficulties of the present period, and as a fellow sufferer of this panic/boredom/confusion, I have taken the time to create a list of things to do to help our readers survive this quarantine.


  1. Create Art- If you don’t like art, maybe you just haven’t explored the right medium yet, sketching, painting, crafts, the possibilities are endless with what you can create, get on google or stare out a window for inspiration and try to create something.
  2. Write a Letter- You know that person that you’ve been meaning to write to for a long time, or that relative who loves to get mail, brighten someone’s day and write a letter! Don’t have someone to write to? Look into a program like Soldiers’ Angels and write to a service member.
  3. Get organized/clean- As boring as this may be, it will benefit you in the long run.
  4. Find some new music- Hop on Spotify or Pandora and find a new artist/genre/album to enjoy.
  5. Go for a run/walk- The fresh air and exercise will do wonders for your happiness and your health.
  6. Bake/cook something- Not only do you get to enjoy a yummy treat or a delicious meal, this will occupy a ton of your time and you may even learn a new recipe, sounds like a win to me!
  7. Exercise- Just because there’s a pandemic on our hands doesn’t mean you can’t get ready for that next sports season or work on that beach-bod. Find a routine online and try to stick to it!
  8. Read a book- Escape reality and curl up with a good book to pass away the hours.
  9. Learn something new- Ever wonder how planes fly or how a 3D printer works? Google is at your fingertips, research and find out! Youtube is a great resource for this.
  10. Watch some Netflix or Television- there’s no shame in laying in bed relaxing with a good show or movie, with this much time on your hands, watch to your heart’s content!
  11. Mediate- Destress and take care of your mental health, it’s important! Try a meditation app, look up a guided meditation online, or just sit and breathe for a few minutes, try it out!
  12. Do a puzzle/play a board game- Fun to do with family or alone this is a great way to unwind. No family to hang with? Learn Solitaire or break out a puzzle.
  13. Call a friend- Just because you must be socially distant doesn’t mean you can’t call, text, facetime, or zoom a friend, or get all your friends together and do a group call!
  14. Learn how to play an instrument- if you have one laying around, why not look up some videos and learn how to play it? No instrument? No problem, learn to whistle, snap, or maybe even sing!
  15. Photography- Go online and learn the basics of how to take a good picture, then get creative and take some beautiful pictures. All you need is a camera (your phone camera is a perfect camera to start) Feeling bold? Post one! (and don’t forget to tag us on instagram @shsblueprint!)
  16. Post on Social Media- Speaking of photography, post on social media, everyone is online right now because of the quarantine, so it’s a perfect time to share with the world.
  17. Write- Start a diary, write a story, write about what you’re doing in quarantine. Writing is a great stress reliever and can be loads of fun! No inspiration? Find a prompt online and roll with it!
  18. Read some articles on The Blueprint- Our site is full of interesting reads, school news, interviews with staff. I personally have interviewed some infamous members of the Winter Hill Gang, an FBI Agent, and an undercover cop, and would love for somebody to check those out (shameless plug lol).
  19. Email a teacher- Check in, see what you can do to stay up to date with their class, tell them how much you miss their class or them and brighten their day a bit!
  20. Go for a hike- Connect with Nature, take a break from the scary news and the virus and go for a nature hike, just make sure to wash your hands before you leave your house and when you return, and practice social distancing while you are out.
  21. Learn a magic trick- impress your friends with your card-throwing or a magic trick when you return from quarantine.
  22. Learn a foreign language- hop on duolingo and practice a new language.
  23. Knitting- Learn to knit, it can be relaxing and you can create gifts for others or treats for yourself.
  24. Go Fishing- Grab a rod, a reel, some bait, and try to catch some fish, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.
  25. Gardening- start a small garden or get some plants for your house.
  26. Take up woodworking- Learn to create things with wood.
  27. Go to the beach- If you practice social distancing, the beach is a great place to spend an afternoon when the sun is shining,
  28. Clean your car- You know it needs to be done, and you have the time, might as well get it over with.
  29. Martial Arts- Go online and watch some videos then clear some furniture and practice the techniques you learned (but not on other people) There are so many disciplines to try, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazialian Ju Jitzu, the possibilities are endless.
  30. Play iMessage games- if you and your friend both have iphones, you know have a variety of fun games to play no matter how far apart you are,
  31. Go for a bike ride- easier than running, and faster than walking, going for a scenic bike ride might be just what you need during your Coronacation.
  32. Create a Summer Bucket List- Create a list of things you want to do this summer/in the future.
  33. Research Colleges/Careers- It’s never too soon to think about what you want to do after high school, do the research and find out what you want to do. Or prep for the SAT/ACT and get into your dream school.
  34. Catch up on school work- Maybe you left school being a bit behind, now is an opportunity to catch up, or maybe even get ahead a bit!
  35. Redecorate- with all this time without anyone coming over, now is the perfect time to redecorate!
  36. Do some shopping- Treat yourself and order some gifts for others or yourself, or buy gift cards, to use at a later date, to local businesses that may have been hit hard during this trying time.
  37. Learn a new skill not on this list- Finally learn to do that cool thing you’ve always wanted to learn how to do!
  38. Write appreciation notes- Write notes of appreciation for all the people in your life you are grateful for, not only will this make them happy, it will make you feel good too.
  39. Try yoga- This can be relaxing, good for you and fun! Try it out!
  40. Enjoy your staycation- The situation sucks, but make the best of it that you can. Take care of yourself and help those around you when you can. Stay healthy and happy!