Students prepare for upcoming science fair

SWAMPSCOTT- A group of innovative sophomores are completing their independent research projects for the upcoming science fair this Thursday, March 12th at 5p.m. at Swampscott High School. 

This event was created to showcase the hard work and learning experience of the sophomore chemistry students. 

Over the summer, the honors chemistry students of Swampscott High School created proposals for the independent research project that they would begin working on during the school year. Boriana Georgieva, the facilitator of the projects and chemistry teacher at Swampscott High, said that “the biggest issue in working is to find the actual topic that they can investigate in class…and find something that is really meaningful to them so they can get excited for the project.” She recommended that students talk to others during the summer and really dig deep into the research so they can further enjoy the project as they design and work on it. Once the students confirmed their project ideas with Mrs. Georgieva, they began working on their project and gathering data/results most of which was done in class. 

The only steps done out of class were research and writing the paper. Student, Sophie DiGrande, described the process, “Once we finished and gathered all data, we worked on our final paper that included all data and results. Finally we had to display our experiment on a poster”. These posters will be presented at the science fair on Thursday. The posters will be evaluated by judges and the top three projects will be selected to take their project into a further competition. Although there is an incentive to create the best project, the main objective of this research project is for the students to learn how to conduct an experiment and form a conclusion with the results.

Students did experience some stress in working on the various steps of the project, but they, in the words of sophomore, Sophie DiGrande, “had fun discovering new ways to improve our results and doing research for info”. The project is a great way to allow students to formulate their own questions and procedures for the project. It gives them a sense of independence and many enjoyed the project.

Mrs. Georgieva displayed eagerness for the science fair stating that she is “excited to see that they learned a lot during the whole process.” She thinks that “At the end they really learned something that was meaningful to them”. Sophie Digrande confirms that, although nerve-wracking for some students, presenting the projects will be good to get experience in front of a judge and many students are looking forward to it.