SHS Drama Club presents Oliver!

Anthony Gee

SWAMPSCOTT – On April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Swampscott High School Drama Club presents, Oliver! At 7p.m. in the SHS auditorium. 

The musical Oliver! follows a young orphan-turned-pickpocket in the late British industrial revolution and his moral struggles as well as physical as he finds his way through his life.

With the upcoming play soon to be here some students question whether to even go and when asked why should students come Vicky Berube stated “There are many different characters and the plot really causes each to evolve. This makes it a very interesting show to watch because you see the characters grow and change with the story. When asked the same question fellow actress Lucy Naughton said, “People should come see the musical because of all the work we’ve all put into this play. It’s a chance for students to witness their peers who have a passion for the arts and showcase some of Swampscott’s most talented  performers.” 

Yet, interesting or not, some people want something they can relate to. The question of how does a story set 180 years ago relate to modern times? Lucy Naughton took this question to heart when she stated, “The musical is about an orphaned boy trying to find love, which seems pretty timeless to me. I think anyone can relate to Oliver Twist because all he really wants is to find a home with someone who cares about him.” This isn’t the only way that this play can relate to our modern society, Josh Shilo stated that themes of poverty and domestic abuse are prevalent in this play can relate to our modern society. 

This play means a lot to everyone involved, Victoria Berbue has been involved with theatre for three years and feels as if she has progressed immensely as an actor through the years. “I have worked very hard to get to this point. As I am somewhat a method actor I really thrive on saying something to the audience through my role. The show itself is very intriguing and the cast and crew are working hard to convey every intriguing aspect to the audience.” said Victoria Berube. This rooted passion of theatre is also found in the other actors interviewed. Lucy Naughton stated, “This play means a lot to me because it is my last show here, and after participating in drama club since my freshman year. Everyone who puts on these shows cares deeply about the show and each other.”

Everyone involved in the show has been shown to care incredibly deeply for both the shows and the people involved. Participants stated that theatre is a great community for them and are working hard so that people will enjoy their show.