Who runs the world? Swampscott High School girls.

SWAMPSCOTT During the month of March, female students at Swampscott High School are posting fliers and announcements to raise awareness for Women’s National History Month.

Many of the students at SHS are participating in honoring Women’s History Month. Junior, Abby Rhodes, created a beautiful moving display in the Swampscott  High School’s atrium. When asked why she decided to participate in this process she said, “I started doing this because our world needs to recognize and respect all amazing women.” 

Abby, along with multiple other female students, wrote descriptions of influential women in history. These are read every morning during announcements to honor the impact those women have made on our past.  Asking Abby how she felt about this, she said, “I am happy with how it’s going so far. However, I am still not sure if it is resonating with people. I am very happy with how the girls have come together to do this. I am looking forward to next year where we can do much more for the month!”

Today’s society is still fighting misogyny, as this year is the centennial of the 19th amendment it is imperative that we remember the obstacles that women faced and continue to encounter in their everyday lives. A female peer, Krista Dariotis, feels that “Learning about women’s history is so important because although inequalities between genders still exist today, the progress that has been made and those who contributed to it should never be forgotten and can serve as inspiration for the changes to come in the future.”

This project will be going on throughout the whole month of March, so be attentive to announcements and be grateful for the women in your life. 


Abby went on to say how she wanted this project to, “ educate people on the amazing women of the world. Hopefully making an impact on the male and female students of our school. In a single sentence I am trying to promote girl power.”