Progress reports have closed

Livvy Oliveira

SWAMPSCOTT- Progress reports for Swampscott High School come out Friday March 13 and will show where the students grades are for the halfway point of quarter 3. 

Progress reports are one of the many ways students can see how their grades are progressing. The point is the students understand where they are and can change the way they are studying or keep doing what they’re doing.

Progress reports affect both students and staff. Mr. Kohut, the principal said “Depending on the kid, they will have to try something different.” Anna Ratner, a ninth grade student says “Progress reports help because I see what my grades are and recognize what classes I need to focus on more.”  

Before, progress reports were on paper and grades were not available on platforms like Aspen. They were constructed so the students could see their full grade with every class so far without doing the math. The overall concept of progress reports is to have a helpful reminder of where you are as a student.