SHS prepares for spring track season

Ryan Henry

SWAMPSCOTT- Starting Monday March 16th the spring season of track at Swampscott High School will commence, and students at SHS will begin competing in different track and field events. 

The first meet is three weeks out from the start of the season on April 7th, it will be this season’s only home meet, and the regular season usually concludes with the final meet sometime in late May. The sport offers something for everybody, with track events for running and field events for throwing, and jumping, there really is a spot for everyone on this no-cut team.

For those interested in joining spring track, signups are open now. Interested students are encouraged to speak with the coaches,  Mr. Bush, Mr. Kirkland, or Mr. Tenney, about how to register. Students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible, however, due to a long preseason, Mr. Bush said that signups will remain open for the first few weeks of the preseason. When asked about why students should sign up for track Coach Bush said that “It’s a great opportunity, we got kids that are at the top of the class academically, we got multi-sport athletes that excel in other sports and use track as a way to stay in shape and get stronger and faster. Socially it’s a good mix of kids that you’d never think would even socialize in event groups together helping each other and you know it’s a good sport.”

For those who are wondering what it will take to succeed in track, it will take personal dedication as the sport certainly has an individual aspect to it, but with the guidance of coaches and encouragement of your team you will improve immensely throughout the season. “Just like with anything, if you put the effort in you’re gonna see the results” says Bush.