Journalism class starts with new semester at Swampscott High School

Ryan Henry

SWAMPSCOTT- Students at Swampscott High School begin a semester long course run by Ms. Thomas, for the 2019-2020 school year on journalism in hopes to learn more about journalistic writing as well as its importance and history in America.

Journalism, one of the numerous electives offered at Swampscott High School, began on the first day of the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. Both the students enrolled in the course and Ms. Thomas are very excited for a successful semester of the class, which has been running as an elective at the school for decades and is open to all four grade levels.

The class of thirteen students is structured around teaching students journalistic writing with a focus on the importance of journalism in a democracy and role of the press in society. Throughout the course students will write a variety of types of articles that will eventually be published in the school’s online paper, The Blueprint.

Currently students are beginning to learn about the structure of articles and will soon start working towards writing their very first article. One student, Anthony Gee, stated that he is excited for his first article and “I’m going to write about the things I care about.

The teacher of the class, Ms. Thomas, who is also head of the English department at the school is very excited for the class, stating, “I think we have a fabulous group of students and I’m very excited to see what everyone wants to write about.”