For the Love of Music, and Dimitri

Isaac Green

In the year 2017, a birth of something new, and wonderful was brought into existence. What was it? The band “Dimitri”. This band was started by current Swampscott High School Seniors, Marley Shmidt, and Isaac Dreeben. They have made many appearances in the school such as “Oliver’s Promposal”, and the TV SHS Auction. Although they mostly play covers, they are a fantastic band and deserve more recognition for their work. Everyone in the band has their own affinity with music, being able to jam out and express their creativity as a band has provided them with an even stronger love for music and each other.

Bass and Drum kit player, Isaac Dreeben is a senior at Swampscott High School. Isaac says that his interest in music started in 8th grade when he listened to “one of the best albums ever, Abbey Road, by the Beatles. From there his love for music and the beatles blossomed. During his freshman year some would go as far to call him a “Beatles Junkie”. He further went on to explain that towards the end of Freshman year he played Isaac Green’s, famed journalists and influencer, drumkit. From there a star was born. Isaac started working to save up money to buy his own drum kit, fortunately his job, filming for Swampscott High School, supplied him with enough scratch to buy his drum kit. After refurbishing his basement and moving the drum kit in he began spending countless hours in the basement teaching himself different drum beats and rhythms from online sources. After gaining more experience, Isaac became bored and wanted to be able to play with other people. He was aware of someone else with quite the music ability who played several instruments. Her name, Marley Shmidt. There first time playing together was also the first time they hung out alone outside of their friend group, and they formed a much stronger friendship from that point on. Isaac also continued to further his musical talent and learn how to play the Bass. Isaac says that, “I thought that it would be a great Idea to join the Swampscott High School marching/concert band in hopes that I would  be able to learn more music theory and be able to practice and improve my Bass skills everyday”.

Lead Vocalist and guitar shredder, Marley Shmidt is a senior at Swampscott High School, and has had a strong connection and love for music for as long as she can remember. She  mentions that her namesake is Bob Marley, and that she was “meant to love music from the start”. Her mom is into singing, and when she was little would always sing to Marley and her sisters. Marley stated that “Both her parents met at concerts, they are very different people, especially when it comes to political views, but come together through music”. Marley attributes some of her current music taste, to that of her father,  saying, “when I was little I would hear my dad playing music from the shower and that is apart of my current music taste today”. Marley always knew she was into music, and then she decided, “I was bored and tired of not contributing, I have been in Chorus since Middle School but I wanted to try playing something besides my voice”. She dusted off and old keyboard, and I tried to teach herself how to play the piano. As she learned how to read music she then furthered her interest to the guitar, which she picked up quickly and kept learning song after song. Marley recalls the first time she and Isaac Dreeben met, sophomore year and  jammed for the first time and claims “they had no clue what we were doing at all but we became really good friends over the course”

How to the name Dimitri come to be? Isaac says it came for his love for Doctor Strangelove, a film shown to many students in Mr Reid’s media literacy class. Isaac said that Marley and him came up with some other names such as, “The Plastic Spoons”, and “Plastic Wizards.” Over the course from Sophomore to Junior year, the band acquired talents like Oliver Daniel-Koch, a class of 2018 Alum and Tenor Sax player. Before Isaac Dreeben learned how to play bass the band also featured accomplished bassist, famed media lit and T.V teacher, Mr. Tom Reid. Mr. Reid helped them land their first gig at the T.V auction where they played “Highway to Hell” by ACDC, “D’yer Mak’er” by Led Zeppelin, and “Im only Sleeping” by the Beatles. It was during this time, the band dimitri gained another, guitar player and vocalist, Lucy Naugthon.

Lucy Naughton, now a junior at Swampscott High School, Her father was in a heavy metal band in college and she believes that it was her parents love for music that sparked her own interests. She claims she has been in love with Music since her parents “played the Beatles White Album over her mom ‘s stomach when she was still in the womb”.  By Age 6 she decided to be a classical violinist. She said that the lady working there said “it’d be easier to play the violin if Lucy learned how to play the piano” Lucy took piano lessons for 8 years and in middle school learned how to play guitar and forgot all about classical violin. Lucy has also been the in the Swampscott Chorus program since third grade and is a very talented vocalist..She was in Chorus with Marley but her friendship with Marley and Isaac Dreeben really began when they took a trip to Montreal with the french program at SHS. It was there that Lucy became more friendly with Isaac and Marley, and after seeing her musical skills Isaac asked if she would like to join the band……and she said yes!

It was not until this current year where they gained some new blood for the band. Aidan Bonner, currently a sophomore at SHS. Aidan has been playing guitar since third grade and is a very talented and experienced player. He attributes his love for the music to the Beatles which really got him into listening to music and then to explore other artists. Which if you ask me is quite and interesting coincidence maybe even fate that he joined the band. After Isaac and Malrey saw Aidan play “All Star” by “Smash Mouth” his freshman year, they knew they had to have him. Isaac asked Aidan to be in the band but freshman year Aidan says he was really focused on his studies and did not want to conflict with homework. He later goes on to mention that “he wished he joined sooner”. During the course of this year Aidan decided to join the band Dimitri. Aidan says that “playing with a band is awesome because you are not only playing for just yourself but other people. This motivates you to want to become even better because you do not want to be the one falling behind.”

As Seniors, Marley and Isaac will be going to college next year, and the future of Dimitri remains unknown. Marley says that “All good things must end. But until then we are going to keep practicing and hopefully try and put on some great shows this year.” Make sure to look out for the Band Dimitri, they might just blow your mind!