Who really runs the school?

Sydney Clark

Many things must go  on within the walls of Swampscott High to keep it running. So who really should get credit for keeping this highschool on its feet? The answer to that question is simple. Two women named Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Delisle, the two women commonly known for being in the main office all of the time. They do most of the things students, or even faculty, do not recognize. 

Mrs. Collins has contributed to this school since 2013, starting off her career at SHS as a substitute in the guidance office. The following year she gained the job she still has today, working in the office. Even though she has been working in the office for four years, the big picture has not changed. She has the same job and responsibilities each year she decides to return to work for us. Small things like who she works for has changed, administration, and each one has a different way of wanting things done, so she must adapt to the new environment. The job changes as technology changes.

People do not realize all the work that is put in by her to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the day. She is in charge of making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, which is not an easy task in a highschool environment. Don’t you love those days when you have a substitute teacher? Guess who is responsible for making sure each class has one as needed. Ms. Collins makes sure that happens and students can continue to learn without their real teacher present.

In all, as Mrs. Collins continues to work at this school she thinks it gets better and better each year and hopes for this pattern to continue.

Lets not forget about the other lady in the office, Mrs. Delisle. This is her very first year at Swampscott High School and it has made a great first impression. Starting at a new job can be hard but thanks to everyone being very helpful and this just being a great place to work has made this transition smooth and fun.

Mrs. Delisle’s favorite part of this school is all the people around who help out and make this a great learning environment for students as well as the teachers.

According to her, their main jobs in the office, in addition to what Mrs. Collins has said prior, is building use forms. When people come into the office who needs help both of them are more than capable to help you with what you need. They take care of attendance and call home when you are not in school without their knowledge. When you need to call the school on the phone, Mrs. collins or Mrs. Delisle will be the people who will pick up and help with whatever you need.

These two women truly make this school what it is. Without them we would have more kids ditching class, no substitutes when we need them, no one to answer the phones or help parents, teachers or students who come to the office for help with an issue.

We need them in order to keep this school from crashing and changing from the great place as we know it to be today, to a place with chaos. They should receive more recognition for their contributions to this than they do.