Swampscott High School will participate in Poetry Out Loud

Hannah Vernava

Poetry Out Loud is a poetry recitation contest held by the Huntington Theatre Company every year for students within the grades 9-12. Students are able to choose a poem to memorize, and recite, as they are performed for their English classes. The winners from each class has the opportunity to participate in a school wide competition, taking place on February 6th. Ms. Thomas, English teacher at Swampscott High School says, “What I like is students who haven’t been interested in poetry become interested because this is not a traditional school assignment.” Participating students are evaluated, judged, and scored in the school wide competitions, where more than one poem is recited by each student. This contest allows students to perform in front of others without the anxiety of reciting their own work. The classroom competitions for the students will take place the first few weeks after midterms, in late January.