Review: Get Out

With it’s unexpected twists and turns, “Get Out”, illustrates many important themes and ideas about the world we live in today, through a combination of both a comical and serious lense. Director Jordan Peele took on a huge challenge in writing and directing this amazing storyline that really brings awareness to issues that still take over our world, such as racial prejudice. The movie’s main character is a strong and independent African American man, only one of four black characters in the whole film. The plot of the film begins with the main character, Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya, who goes with his caucasian girlfriend to her family’s home for the first time. When they arrive, Chris begins to notice many strange things, including the fact that his girlfriend’s family has two African American servants. As the plot progresses, the intensity rises and more is revealed. Chris is treated in many very strange ways by the white folk around him and this is meant to show how ignorant people can be. A main plot point that must be recognized is the constant repetition of the fact that if the white folk could have voted for Obama to be president for a third term, they would have. This example, along with many others throughout the film, show a lot of irony in the fact that a huge misconception many people around the world have, specifically Americans, is that because we had a black president, that racism is a thing of the past. This is simply not true and the movie is ambitiously portraying the idea that racism is still very prominent in today’s society and that something must be done.