SHS awarded Blue Ribbon

Hannah Vernava

SWAMPSCOTT- During the fall of 2018, Swampscott High School was awarded the Blue Ribbon for great academic success, and achievement, as a notice letter was sent to SHS in December of 2017. The Blue Ribbon Award was created in 1982, as it is not given out every year, making this award a big deal for Swampscott. To be considered for this award, the FDA looks at five years worth of data, as Swampscott High School met each requirement, making the school eligible to receive the award. Some factors which Swampscott High School contains include; Harbor, Swift, DLC (discovery learning center), a safe school climate, a positive community, and parental support from a community who values education. Each of these factors were examined by the FDA when the school was nominated for this award. Mr. Lawrence Murphy, interim principal exclaims that, “We have an excellent teaching staff, who are student centered, and willing to go the extra mile for student success. There is a very strong leadership from the school committee, and administration. The staff’s commitment to students is a testament to why we received this award.” Receiving this award has become a great inspiration to help the school become even more excellent, and successful in the future. Mr. Kohut, assistant principal, is also very proud of his students for meeting the standards to receive this award, as he is also grateful for the parental support provided to the students. Swampscott High School will always be a Blue Ribbon school in the future, leading the school to greater success.