From Frye to Fishies

Olivia Reiser

Ms.Camire reimagines science in the classroom with her fish tank initiative. With her new Aquaculture tank set up, students are seeing their science in action, rather than simply being told to believe.

At the beginning of this year, Ms.Camire got the “okay” from the science department to invest in a new Aquaculture rig for her fish tank in order to “illustrate and make concrete the concept of nitrogen cycling for her underclassmen.” She wanted “the AP environmental science students to do some experiments as well.”

There are pebbles at the bottom of the tank as well as a plant. This is where it gets really interesting. Some tubes are inside the tank, transferring the nitrogen from the tank upwards. A level of rocks is above the tank, where water is pumped into a moistened container, also from the tank, to where plants will eventually grow once the cycling starts. Further above the rocks hangs a large light that will nurture the plants and the cycle when the time comes.

Overall, Ms.Camire’s new tank has good prospects of helping the whole science department, as well as the school. She welcomes all interested students and faculty to come visit the fishies. With students being able to visualize what they are learning, not only in their heads but in front of their faces, the chances that the biology students do well on the MCAS are even better. What other students are so lucky as to hold what they are learning in their hands?