Bohemian Rhapsody–Go for the music

Isaac Green

The movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” as of November 6th has grossed a domestic total of $61,695,083. The film is a poor representation of the band Queen and was far too centered on Freddie Mercury. It is noted that without Freddie’s complex character and personal affiliation there most likely would not have been a movie made at all. Members of Queen commented as a whole that they disapproved of how the film only centered on the late Freddie Mercury. However, despite the backlash of an over exaggerated plot, in terms of the music the film did not disappoint. The music and vocals of Freddie Mercury, portrayed by actor Rami Malek, were electrifying. Queen during its time was one of the most influential bands with many big hit songs. This movie was an injustice to the group and its fans, the movie had lots of potential, but overall was a cheaply made vanilla plot. Many people have mixed views on this movie, but I personally think it’s the type of movie to see if you want to kill a few hours.