Swampscott Drama Club’s “Funny Little Thing Called Love”

Logan Hill

On November 1, I went to see the Swampscott Drama Club’s performance of “Funny Little Thing Called Love”, and while I do have some minor critiques, on the whole I enjoyed it.

The performances by all of the cast were amazing, and each character felt real and convincing. The entire play was obviously very well rehearsed, because I didn’t notice a single slip up on any of the lines. I also enjoyed the energy that all of the cast members brought to the performance, because it showed that the cast members were all very passionate about the play.

The play was split up into five short stories, and while I enjoyed most of the stories there were a couple that weren’t quite as engaging. However, this didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the play because the humor was very consistent throughout. I especially enjoyed the first short story, “Love is on the air”, because it was short but very comical and entertaining.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this play, and despite having some very minor critiques, it is definitely a play I would see again if I had the chance.