SHS Amnesty International club asks for endorsement

Mary Alice Brennan


On October 24, 2018, at the School Committee meeting, members of the Amnesty International Club asked the district to endorse a Yes vote on ballot question number three, which keeps a law that makes discrimination against transgender people illegal.

Salem Public Schools have already publicly showed their support by endorsing it, along with several other schools across the state. During the week of October 22, members of the club went around collecting signatures of support from their fellow peers. They got over 200 signatures in less than a week. At the school committee meeting on Wednesday October 24, 2018, students Sarah Winters, Max McDonough and Mackenzie Kearney spoke at the public forum, asking the committee to endorse the vote. Sarah Winters voiced her opinion on the issue, “As the future generations are growing up we need to teach them to accept everyone as they are, not who we believe they should be”. Unfortunately, the meeting ran long and the members were not able to publicly vote on the topic.

On October 25, the three students met with Amy O’Connor, chairperson of the school committee.  She informed them that the school was not able to publicly endorse a yes vote because there will not be another school committee meeting before election day, and all votes have to be public. However, she communicated her support for their mission.

Amnesty International Club is a club that discusses and fights for human rights. The club is run by Sarah WInters and Mackenzie Kearney, and Ms. Thomas is the supervising teacher. Meetings are every other Friday morning at 7:40. In room C211. Anyone is welcome to join.