Cleanup at Fisherman’s Beach

Isaac Green

At 9:30 a.m on Saturday October 13th, 2018, seven brave souls trekked out to Fisherman’s Beach in the cold rain and wind.  

They were on a mission to clean up the beach, commissioned by Swampscott High School teachers and event organizers Kaitlyn Thomas and Stephanie DeOrio. The team was able to fill three trash bags of trash from Fisherman’s Beach. The trash consisted of styrofoam, rope, cigarette butts, plastic, and rubber shards. One of the volunteers, Reece Kluza, spoke about why he volunteered to clean up the beach. Reece said that, “We are very fortunate to live by the ocean, and I feel that we have a job to care for nature and its inhabitants. I am not only picking up trash to care for the beach but also the environment. I do not understand why people do not  just throw away their trash and recycle.” The group plans to attempt another cleanup day sometime during the spring, and are working on spreading the message.

DeOrio and Isaac Green plan on making T-Shirts to spread awareness of caring for the beach.