Senior scoop

Olivia Reiser

Senior Class President Ben Turner opened up about lots of important senior scoop, including what we have to look forward to, what our financial situation is like, as well as what we can do to improve it.

Some of the biggest, scariest questions that loom over everyone’s heads at the beginning of senior year, are ‘how much are prom tickets going to cost,’ and ‘are we going to be able, as a class, to have the most fun we can before we leave high school.’ Have no fear; Senior class president Ben Turner has all his ducks in a row.

When I sat down with Ben, he had some comforting things to share: “Although I cannot release the exact amount of money we have raised over the past 3 years, we are in a very good place financially. Our funding is as good as Student Council wants it to be, but I know it can be even better.”

One of the biggest upcoming events to name is the student fashion show that will take place on November 20th.”Student council is working on a certain generation theme,” said Turner, and went on to talk about what people can do to help: “We are hoping to get a teacher judge, a student judge, and an unknown celebrity judge. It will only have student participation.”

When Turner talked about the brilliance in having a fundraiser like this, he made sure to explain that “since it is inside our school, we will not need funding. We will need help in advertising the show and spreading the word around the school. Teachers could possibly help this show by donating clothing that fit the generational theme we are looking at.” The theme should be announced soon.

Turner added finally that “if anyone in the senior class has any input to make student council better and ensure we have the best final high school year ever, do not hesitate to talk to (him) or anyone else on student council.” With open ears, an open mind, and good vibes, Class President Ben Turner has us in a good place.