A better Halloween dance

Ryan Henry

SWAMPSCOTT- On October 26th, the Swampscott Sophomore Student Council will be hosting the annual Halloween Dance at Swampscott High School to create a fun night for students and raise money for the class of 2021.

The dance will be a Halloween themed celebration with all proceeds to benefit the Class of 2021 Student Council. The student council is hoping to create a much better atmosphere after last year’s fiasco involving ambulances and unhappy students. Ms. Byrne, a Swampscott High School teacher and the advisor for the Sophomore Student Council said, “We have a lot of fun exciting new things planned, keeping the ball rolling with decorations from last year, raffles, food, a photo wall where you can take pictures with your friends, and maybe even a fog machine. The class of 2021 is really trying to make this year’s dance better than any other in-school dance Swampscott High students have ever seen”.

This year’s dance is sure to bring many changes with decor and activities. The Student Council is planning numerous things in preparation for the event. Carson Shore, the treasurer of the class, commented on the budget for the dance stating, “I can tell you first hand that we’re sparing no expense to make this dance the best one we’ve ever had!” Tickets are being sold at lunch in the weeks leading up to the dance; they can be purchased for five dollars and they will not be sold at the door the night of the dance. The student council also made sure to note that this fundraiser is one of their biggest of the year and it’s very important that people participate so they can ensure the sophomore class can have tons of fun things in their remaining years. All Swampscott High School students are welcome and encouraged to attend, any questions about the dance can be directed towards members of the Sophomore Student Council, Ms. Byrne or Ms. Grocki.