Is love really funny? Find out at the fall play(s)!

Sarah Winters

SWAMPSCOTT This October 31st and November 1st and 2nd, Swampscott High School’s drama program will be performing A Funny Little Thing Called Love.

A Funny Little Thing Called Love was written by Jones, Hope, and Wooten. The plot follows five different stories, all that center around some sort of love story. Thring and relatable characters all find love in this exciting, comedic, and uplifting play.

“When kids go through four years of high school, I like to have them have an experience of doing distinctly different kinds of shows,” said Mr. Pearse, the director of the drama program, when asked why he chose this show over something like The Woman In White  (last years production). The show is split into two different casts–one will perform on Halloween, and one that will perform November 1st and 2nd as well as at drama festival in the late winter. Mr. Pearse had to choose from many talented people and he split the cast “in order to give everyone an opportunity to do some kind of performance.”