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Logan Hill

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, students are gearing up for summer break. While some couldn’t be happier that the school year is drawing to a close, others are slightly more reflective in their thinking.

I’m personally more on the reflective side. For me, high school seems like it’s almost over, because even though there is still one year of school left, the hard part is finished. Junior year is supposedly the most difficult year of high school, and senior year is widely considered to be a walk in the park. A year might seem like a long time, but it can go by really quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman walking into the building for the first time, wondering what high school would be like, and now I’m just a few weeks away from being a senior. It’s a strange feeling. It’s exciting knowing that I’m going to be a senior, with all the benefits of being a senior, but at the same time it’s sad in a way, since it will be the last year of not only high school, but all of public school in general. It will be the culmination of elementary, middle, and high school, and it’s strange to think that it will be the last year of seeing my friends and other classmates, some who I’ve known since kindergarten.

It’s still difficult for me to fully comprehend that idea. This has been my life for so long, it seems strange to think that it will be the last year of familiarity. And even though it’s a sad thought, there is also some measure of excitement to it. It will be a whole new time of my life, with new experiences and new people. And to me, that makes the end of high school seem pretty exciting.