SHS Dancing with the Staff

Zack Richards

On April 12th, Swampscott High School got some laughs and applause with their 7th rendition of their popular annual performance of Dancing With the Staff.

For two hours, students and faculty alike gathered and watched as their fellow teachers and friends enacted their own unique dance routine, with four judges present to cast their votes to determine who really was the best of the best. The four judges were Mr. Kirkland, Ms. Comparato, Mr. Mahan, and Ms. Welch.

The dance team, consisting of Victoria Asci, Keriann McNally, Chloe Smith, Ashley Engstrom, Sarah Winters, Samantha Conti, and Ashley LeBlanc, had weeks to prepare their own choreography with the teacher of their choosing.

the dance team kicked off the show with their own special dance number to P!nk’s upbeat hit, “Get the Party Started”. Following that, the staff were brought out one by one with their respective students to ultimately decided who takes home the trophy.

The teachers featured in the dances were Mr. King, Ms. Gahm-Diaz, Ms. Camire, Ms. Byrne, and the one group of four called the “Quad”, also known as “Dem Boyz”, that consisted of Mr. Parachojuk, Mr. Rovi, Mr. Walsh, and Mr. Mastone.

Although all the performances during the show were definitely a sight to see, some of the more unforgettable ones were Ms. Gahm-Diaz’s French baguette dance to Zaz’s song “Paris Sera Toujour Paris”, Mr. King’s colorful rendition of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, and Ms. Byrne’s well-done tribute to Beyonce’s “Countdown”.

When all the initial performances were through, we were left with a tie between Ms. Camire and the “Quad”, who both recorded scores of 38 by the judges.

To settle this tie, Ms. Camire and “Dem Boyz” went head-to-head in a fun dance battle with a crowd vote based off of applause to determine the winner of this friendly competition.

And as it panned out, the audience just couldn’t get enough of the “Dem Boyz’” comedic dancing style, and they were awarded the Mirror Ball Trophy as the winners of the event.

Victoria Asci, a senior captain for the dance team stated that “we had an awesome turnout and the overall support we received was tremendous; it was just so much fun to do this one more time.”