Powderpuff: Greatly unforgettable

Zack Richards

Powderpuff is an annual charity event that has Swampscott and Marblehead’s senior girls face off in a flag football match. Although the game itself is the central attraction, the weeks leading up to it are often the most unforgettable.

Many girls take part in the experience, engulfing themselves in the sport of football, which to some, is a whole new world. For the first-timers, learning and playing the sport for the first time was an interesting journey in itself.

When they weren’t competing on the field, they were all coming together, creating new friendships and memories. The week before the game, all the girls & coaches that were apart of Powderpuff had their own special spirit week. Each day was different; one day they would dress up as superheroes, and the next, they were cops and robbers. It seemed as if endless pictures were taken, capturing the timeless moments.

One of the defensive lineman, Luana Dos Santos, said “[Powderpuff] was the funnest thing I’ve done in high school so far. It allowed me to connect and spend time with people I normally wouldn’t and I believe it really brought all the girls in our class together.”

When it came to the actual game, both teams played hard, but Marblehead ultimately walked away with a 35-7 victory. Everyone involved loved playing and competing. Dejen Teferra, one of the coaches, said “It was an enjoyable and interesting experience. We learned a lot from each other and although we did not win the game, we played for each other and enjoyed it every step of the way.”