NEC Leadership Training strengthens students

Zack Richards

On October 11th, Swampscott High School hosted 10 student representatives from each school in the Northeastern Conference for leadership training.

This training event is annually held by one of the 16 schools in the conference, and for the past two years, Swampscott High has had the honor of holding the training course.

For the assembly, outside presenters came to the school to talk to the students in order to properly teach them how to become great leaders to their peers. Kelly Farely, the Athletic Director at Swampscott, explained the program “teaches students how to effectively lead, and it shows them what it looks like to be a leader”.

This year, Debra and Dana Hult from Core Trainings visited the school. Dana and Deb often go to schools across the country to “provide the customization that is needed to help your school become not only a place of learning, but one of growth, positive experiences and inclusiveness” according to their website.

During their presentation, they deeply spoke to the students, sharing their stories and livelihood. Their main point focused on positivity, stressing the importance just one smile can make on a person. Another topic that was enforced was the impact of considerateness. Debra mentioned that you never know what somebody has been through or what they are going through, so in turn just be cordial with them.