Swampscott High School Drama Club Puts on another Amazing Show

Damon Christie


From Thursday April 6 to Saturday April 8, the Swampscott High School Drama Club performed the musical Smile.

The musical is about a 1980s women’s beauty pageant in California, and had a diverse cast, with people from all around the United States.  While every student in the musical is from Swampscott and Nahant, each person really took on their roles with accents and other stereotypes of their respective area.  Margarita Castillo was a perfect example, using her bilinguality to play Maria Gonzales, a contestant with Mexican heritage.  

Smile was the perfect mix of comedy and serious, creating a satirical atmosphere of the pageant industry.  Brenda DiCarlo Freelander (played by Julia Kornerup) speaks in a snobbish manner, and being obsessed with the pageant other than the girls health and well being to show the industry’s dark side, as well as bring a comedic take to the whole activity.  

Smile also felt like a community event, opening up to five Dance Team members (Alex Berube, Emily Legere, Kerianne McNally, and Izzy Stairman) doing a dance number.  Also, many school staff worked on the show such as Amy Camire, Ed Rovi, Joanna Ganci, Holly Murphy, and Joe Douillette helping with everything from costume design to voice overs.  

In my opinion, Smile has the same level of effort and greatness shown as other SHS productions like Chicago, creating an amazing evening of laughs and comedy.  The students put on an amazing show with the help of James Pearse, and I cannot wait to see their next production.