A New Club Emerges from the Shadows of SHS

Damon Christie

Mrs. Knowles, the vice principal of Swampscott High School, has begun a new club to help the community of Swampscott called Tech Ninjas.  

The Tech Ninja movement, as said by Mrs. Knowles, is “the beginning of a tech help desk that will help the district.”  This is going to allow both students and community members to come in for some help with new technology, and get some free assistance.  Currently, the Tech Ninja’s are going into the Senior Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help teach senior citizens how to use their computers, phones, and any other devices that they might need help with.  The students will be running seminar like course that will allow seniors to learn how to use emails, social media, and the internet in general.  

The Tech Ninja group plans to make the local community better in three ways: Inside the school the students will be able to fill a position that the school cannot afford, the students will be learning valuable tech and life skills, and finally, the older community will have training in technology that they would otherwise not be able to use.  

Mrs. Knowles, the leader of the Tech Ninjas, is also more than qualified to be the leader of the club.  She has a tech instructors license, a masters degree in tech education, and for the past 15 years has been bringing new technology to Swampscott High School.  Not only does Mrs. Knowles has the qualifications, she has the heart to start the program.  She also explained that she is “super excited” to start this club, and cannot wait to see the community become more outstanding.

To find out more on Tech Ninjas, or to join the club, contact Mrs. Knowles at [email protected].