Opinion: Election Recount or Publicity Stunt?

Chris Moleti

2016 Green Party Candidate Jill Stein has called for a recount of votes in 3 states, those states being Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. All 3 of these states were won by Republican Candidate/President-Elect Donald Trump by a combined total of about 100,000 votes. Stein claims that the reason she’s trying to make these recounts happen is because she’s worried about the “Hackability” of voting machines, obviously in wake of such cyber attacks such as the Democratic National Committee’s Network hack and the hack of the email server of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign manager, John Podesta. Stein claims she’s advocating for “fairness and accuracy”, claiming that there could be discrepancies due to electronic ballot machines being finicky. The Wisconsin Election Commission told news outlets they have found no problems with any of the electronic voting machines, and Trump has gained votes over Clinton so far in the recount.

I personally think Stein is using this more as a publicity stunt than to see if electronic voting was tampered or hacked. Stein is a very vocal political activist. She’s been very active in environmental activism, especially in Massachusetts, since 1998. She has won awards and received recognition for her activist work. She also only received about 1% of the vote. Until now, she’s only really been mentioned in the news and mainstream media when talking about the 4-way polls. She’s so unrecognised that she wasn’t even on the ballot in some states. Now, people may be a bit more interested in her, after seeing her activism here. People may begin to look into her, the Green Party, and her environmental activism more. She’s becoming more of a household name than she was before. More people know about Jill Stein, and while her recounts have been unsuccessful in finding any issues with the voting process, she’s become more well known with about everyone, which especially for an activist like her.