After high school, the college process

Chris Moleti

Seniors at Swampscott High School are currently at one of the most stressful points of their lives so far: making their decision for post high school. While most students are thinking of what college to go to, other students are going in a different direction for their post high school lives.

Eric Castetter, a Senior at SHS, Said the process to college application is “long and it sucks”. Eric wants to go to college for a degree in business. He is applying to Salem State University and UMass Boston. He has used the Common application and Salem State’s preparatory application. He feels the application process is very tedious, more so than it should be. To show interest for the two schools he is applying to he has shown interest by going to open houses and on campus tours, as well as signing up for newsletters and requesting information. He feels that demonstrating interest for a college is very important, “I feel like it should because why would a school waste their time to accept you if you are not really interested in going to the school to visit it and look at it or even get emails about the school.” Demonstrating interest is something SHS guidance counselors have been saying since before  the beginning of the application process. Eric said his guidance counselor was extremely helpful in helping him with the application process.

Reese Perlish, another senior, has taken a path traveled much les often and has joined the United States Navy instead of going to college. Reese chose to join the Navy over college for now, saying “I chose the Navy over college for the time being because I know I lack the self discipline to live on my own yet and i think the Military will help that substantially” Reese said that people close to him were mad or scared, but have warmed up to the thought since then. He chose the Navy over another branch of the Military because they are less strict about tattoos and because of his love of the ocean. He wants to be a Navy Diver, and plans on staying in the Navy for about 20 years. After retiring he plans on going to college, although he isn’t sure what he would go for yet.