Just how big is the Thanksgiving game to Swampscott?

Benjamin Turner

The Thanksgiving game between our Swampscott Big Blue and our rival the Marblehead Magicians goes all the way back to 1909. Marblehead has the slight advantage in this rivalry game leading the overall series 52-51-7. But here in Swampscott, this Turkey Day goes beyond the gridiron– this is a tradition, and just about every local person in this down wants the Blue to beat the Magicians every year. This game will be no different. this game will be played in Swampscott at Blocksidge field on November 24th. Swampscott who has a record of 4-5 not only wants to finish the season above .500, but they also want to go out with one last win before the field goes under construction for a new turf field. Marblehead, however, wants to end Swampscott’s season with heartbreak before they play in the Super Bowl at Gillette on December 3rd.

This game is always the most popular game to attend. Whether you stand with the black and red, or stand with the Big Blue, almost everyone from these two towns attend this game. The game and the tradition means so much to Swampscott alumni and when asked “Why does this game mean so much to you?” Swampscott alumni, and coach, Peter Bush responded, “I grew up with it, my dad taught and coached here, and I was then able to play fortunately enough, so I truly saw the rivalry and grew as it grew.”

Bush, would also add that “from as early as he can remember he learned and found out just how big this rivalry is to not only his family but his town.”

Like all alumni and players from past and present, they all remember playing or witnessing that one game in this rivalry that overshadows the rest of the 100-plus games Marblehead and Swampscott have played in their history. When asked which game Bush remembers the most, he answered with, “I always remember the little memories from each game I have been alive to see, but the game I remember the most is my senior year. If we won we got to go to the Super Bowl, and if they won they would go to the Super Bowl.”

The game this year will take place at Blocksidge Field in Swampscott on November 24 at approximately 10:00 am. “It takes a season whether good or bad this game can either take you into the offseason with a good outlook, or it can be a stinging feeling, but winning the game this year, like any win against Marblehead would be ‘icing on the cake,” coach Bush added, “You always remember the game if you win whether good or bad.”