Bottle flipping, the best thing to take over Swampscott High School

Damon Christie

On May 24th, 2016 a video called Senior Talent Show Water Bottle AK 2016 premiered on the air of Youtube.  The 31 second video shows an unnamed high school student flipping a water bottle on a stage.  The video currently has 6,669,483 views and rising.  Though, within Swampscott High School, the bottle flipping trend is reaching new heights.

A well-known teacher at Swampscott High, Mr. Maestranzi, gave his own opinion on bottle flipping.  When I sat down to begin the interview, he picked up his own water bottle and made a poor attempt to flip a bottle.  When asked about how often he encounters bottle flipping in class, he said that it rarely happens because he does not tolerate that type of shenanigan in class. He also thinks that bottle flipping is distracting to the classroom and that it is an attention-grabber.  He feels that it is a useless skill, and that he does not need to know how to flip bottles because he already has a bunch of other useless skills.  

Turner Christie, a big time bottle flipper, shared his thoughts on bottle flipping.  He classifies a bottle flip as “when you flip a bottle and it lands on its bottom.  You know, that cool s**t!”  Though he is quite public about his bottle flipping, he claims that he is not amazing and can only flip it occasionally.  Bottle flipping has turned out to be a hard and skillful task that only few can pull off with success.  The  main concern for teachers and students alike is how distracting it can be in class.  When asked if he flips in class, Turner said that he does not do it except for the occasional flip in Mr. Franklin’s class.  

Though bottle flipping is slowly starting to die out, the trend is a skillful and fun stunt for students to pull off with friends.  As for how long this will last, it will show in due course.