I believe in Swampscott Massachusetts

I Believe Essay

Mackenzie Faulkner

March 30, 2016


Swampscott, MA. 42.4708° N, 70.9181° W. Otherwise known as the best town ever. Growing up in Swampscott is a truly magical thing; it was for me, anyway. One can really only appreciate the enchanting beauty and excellence emulating from this place if he or she grew up in this small town by the sea. This is a place where everyone knows everything about everyone. Sometimes it can even seem impossible to keep a secret; but we all know deep down this is what keep us such a tight knit community. There are many reasons why Swampscott is the most magical town on the planet.


One thing that I feel is very important and encompasses the spirit of Swampscott as a whole is Big Blue Football. Going to all the football games ever since I was a little girl taught me how to be proud of where I’m from. Seeing the big high schoolers cheering endlessly for their got me so excited about growing up and going to Swampscott High School. The spirit and livelihood in this town is amazing.


Some may think it’s tedious, but another reason why I believe the town of Swampscott is the best place on earth is because we have all grown up together. A lot of us went to the same elementary school, and eventually the majority of us united in middle school when we were eleven years old. Some of us met in high school. I believe many of us have made friends and memories to last a lifetime. Although we are all moving on to bigger things, (bigger than our three square mile town) we all know that we’ll always have the spirit and pride of being a part of the Swampscott Big Blue.