I believe in off key singing

I believe that the most tuneless singers are the best singers. Music and song are meant for pleasing the soul and not just the ears. From the time we are babies to our elderly years, we will hear thousands of voices and songs. Personally, my favorite singers are not the singers that I hear everyday on the radio. I love hearing the organic sound of an off-key singer, it makes the songs more beautiful and meaningful when you hear it sung by someone you care about.


Nowadays whenever you turn on the radio all you hear are the same 5 or 6 singers who are singing about the same things with their autotuned voices and borrowed lyrics. There are few popular artist that still sing with pure enjoyment and authenticity that music used to have. Now the music industry has become more about fame and money. Instead of people sitting around a fire on a summer night singing classics that everyone knows the words to, our generation has resorted to sitting in basements and passing the aux chords.


We put such pressure on each other to be perfect at things in order to be proud of them, however perfection is not human, and sometimes the true beauty is in the imperfections.


When I was little I used to fall asleep to my nanny singing me lullabies and rocking me on a rocking chair or sitting on my bed and rubbing my back. My nanny constantly gets picked on for her off-tune and sometimes shrill like singing voice; but I can’t think of a sound more comforting to hear when trying to fall asleep. Hearing her sing with such imperfections makes me feel so secure, maybe for the reason that someone so perfect and significant in my life is still flawed and human.


I, also taking after my nanny, am a terrible singer. But my favorite things to do when I am in the shower or driving around in a car is singing my heart out. There is such an empowering and cathartic feeling to just yelling out these songs and words that carry such meaning.


One time my friend picked me up to drive me home, as I got in the car I noticed she was upset. Without saying a word I heard the song that was playing (from my roadtrip album) which was the Mumford and Sons “Lovers Eyes” and started softly singing along and then as the melody of the song picked up we both burst into song and it completely changed the mood of the car. It was exactly what she needed and the sound and feeling of our voices singing together in unison gave a feeling that we both were feeling the same mix of excitement, sadness, and happiness that the other was also experiencing.
Singing and songs should be important and enjoyable for both the person singing and the people listening. And sometimes it is okay to try and hit that high note that you know you cannot possibly make.