I believe in freedom not in the traditional sense of “hey we’re America we’re free” but the way when you wake up in the morning and having the freedom to do what you want to do with your day. Honestly what is better than waking up on a day where you have nothing to do. Sure maybe you like being scheduled and having a plan for every day of your life, but seriously waking up and not knowing what you’re doing is a great feeling.

Normally I wake up on any week day and have to go to Swampscott High School and I have 5 classes a day with no breaks. I do that every day from Monday till Friday and then the weekend comes and I have work from 4:30 to 9:30.

For example I woke up on Sunday March 27th having nothing to do because we were not doing anything for easter this year, I could have done anything with my day but I chose to do nothing and play video games, sleep and eat, that is what I wanted to do with that day and I have no regrets with that day. Another example is one day my pals and I had no idea what we were doing with our day, we sat in a house thinking about what we could have done so we drove around. After awhile we went into a nearby town and we explored a run down bunker for 2 hours, looking for every thing that would look like it wa scary or fun to do. Honestly one of the coolest things I have done in a while and I am glad I had nothing planned with my day.

You can go into any day and have a plan and know exactly what you’re doing but the days where you have no idea are truly amazing. You can really choose anything that you want to do, ENDLESS POSSIBILITY. These days off can turn a bad week into something that you forget about when you’re doing something that you’re enjoying. Everyone has that one thing that they do when they have nothing else to do and that one thing that they do, and that one day where you do that one thing that you like can really change the motions of a week. Days off allow people to slow down and choose what they do and that can help destress a person. It really helps a lot of people when they have their day off.

So to my reader, if you want to have some rest and relaxation or you want to go on an adventure. I would suggest planning yourself a day off for you to do whatever it is you want. Whether that thing you want to do is nothing or whether you want to go on an adventure to nowhere, whatever you want because the day is yours.