In Swampscott High School, we do not really have an option when it comes to having technology (iPads, Laptops etc) but other schools in the area have this option. In my opinion i think that the students are tech savy so if we were to get the technology to further our educations I believe we could do so. But the contrast to this situation is that some students would not use this technology for their prosper but instead use it to play games and use a computer or iPad for the wrong reason. This reason is why I believe that it is a hard decision to make for a high school.

I think that we should have iPads or laptops in our school because I think that they would help a lot of students and in the end would bring more benefit than they would bring harm. IPads could really help a student if they do not have a computer at home, and they can also help in school if someone needed to look something up to help them with a class where they’re not understanding a concept fully. Another thing that an iPad would help the students with is books. The books would be easier to access, and it would be easier to bring around than a backpack full of books.

In the schools that do have technological options, St John’s Prep being one of them. My friend Brian thinks that the iPads that they’re given really help him in a school where he has to walk across campus and instead of having a bunch of books he has one iPad to carry across a campus. In College most of the books are not even purchased because most college students have online access to their books, so if we could also have this in highschool it would help prepare us for college.