Cooking Classes

Shannon Brawley

February 10, 2016

Swampscott High School offers a very limited number of elective classes, and an even fewer amount that have anything to do with helping students learn how to plan everyday tasks that they will need in the future, either during...

The Vagueness of the College Application Process at Swampscott High School

Jupiter Costantino

February 5, 2016

As a relatively independent senior, I was interested in getting my college application process finished as quickly and smoothly as possible. Immediately as I began, I felt completely unaware and uninformed. Even with the help...

Opinion: The Junior Show Went Too Far

Kenzie Creighton, Journalist

May 1, 2015

Every year at Swampscott High, the Juniors and Seniors are given the opportunity to have a show run by them featuring all the funny or noteworthy events that have gone on during their time in the Swampscott public education system...

Dear Fiorella: Young and In Love

Fiorella Moyse, Relationship Expert

April 17, 2015

It is not rocket science that high school students have a hard time managing their school work and their relationships, trying to keep up a good grade and keeping their boyfriend/girlfriend happy is not easy work. To help the stu...

The Return of Substitutes

January 5, 2014

Everyone has had that iconic substitute. The one that does not enforce the classroom rules and basically lets the class run wild. There is an understanding that with a substitute no work gets done. Two years ago; however, Swampscott...

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