Every little bit counts

Ethan Friedman

March 2, 2017

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During February break this year, I traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina to assist in home construction with Habitat for Humanity. Before the week in Raleigh, it was clear to me that the trip’s main goal was to aid in providing...

Opinion: Election Recount or Publicity Stunt?

Chris Moleti

December 8, 2016

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2016 Green Party Candidate Jill Stein has called for a recount of votes in 3 states, those states being Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. All 3 of these states were won by Republican Candidate/President-Elect Donald Trump by a combined tota...

Just how big is the Thanksgiving game to Swampscott?

Benjamin Turner

November 18, 2016

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The Thanksgiving game between our Swampscott Big Blue and our rival the Marblehead Magicians goes all the way back to 1909. Marblehead has the slight advantage in this rivalry game leading the overall series 52-51-7. But here in Swa...

My reaction to the 2016 election

Caroline Munnelly

November 18, 2016

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Tuesday’s election on November 8th shocked the world and turned establishment politics on its head. Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, beating his opponent Hillary Clinton. Proving that a...

I believe in Swampscott Massachusetts

May 19, 2016

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I Believe Essay Mackenzie Faulkner March 30, 2016   Swampscott, MA. 42.4708° N, 70.9181° W. Otherwise known as the best town ever. Growing up in Swampscott is a truly magical thing; it was for me, anyway. One c...

I believe in off key singing

Shannon Brawley

May 3, 2016

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I believe that the most tuneless singers are the best singers. Music and song are meant for pleasing the soul and not just the ears. From the time we are babies to our elderly years, we will hear thousands of voices and songs....


Jake Roberts

May 3, 2016

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I believe in freedom not in the traditional sense of “hey we’re America we’re free” but the way when you wake up in the morning and having the freedom to do what you want to do with your day. Honestly what is better th...


February 23, 2016

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In Swampscott High School, we do not really have an option when it comes to having technology (iPads, Laptops etc) but other schools in the area have this option. In my opinion i think that the students are tech savy so if we...

The Death of Shop Classes in the United States

Dante Ceccarelli

February 22, 2016

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Vocational High School programs are known as career and technical education programs to help prepare students for a specific trade after high school. Students in vocational high schools will study a specific skill or trade while al...

Cooking Classes

Shannon Brawley

February 10, 2016

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Swampscott High School offers a very limited number of elective classes, and an even fewer amount that have anything to do with helping students learn how to plan everyday tasks that they will need in the future, either during...

The Vagueness of the College Application Process at Swampscott High School

Jupiter Costantino

February 5, 2016

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As a relatively independent senior, I was interested in getting my college application process finished as quickly and smoothly as possible. Immediately as I began, I felt completely unaware and uninformed. Even with the help...

Opinion: The Junior Show Went Too Far

Kenzie Creighton, Journalist

May 1, 2015

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Every year at Swampscott High, the Juniors and Seniors are given the opportunity to have a show run by them featuring all the funny or noteworthy events that have gone on during their time in the Swampscott public education system...

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