Guidance holds Naviance bootcamp

Logan Hill

October 10, 2017

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Over the past several weeks, Swampscott High School has been hosting Naviance Boot Camp, a course designed to help upperclassmen get through the college application process. This course is specifically designed for students who have quest...

Big Blue in for a big game

Zack Richards

October 6, 2017

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On October 7th at 2:30 in the afternoon at Blocksidge Field in Swampscott, Swampscott Big Blue will face off against the Lynn English Bulldogs in a tense football match. Coming off a 33-7 victory over Salem, Big Blue is rolling into t...

The Senior Show 2017

Damon Christie and Ethan Friedman

May 15, 2017

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On Tuesday, May 9th, the class of 2017 presented their Senior Show.   The luck of the Irish hit this group and they created a rushed, but amazing show filled with fun skits, and interaction with audience.  The show start...

Sticky notes- a welcome surprise

Felicia Silveira

May 4, 2017

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Thoughts of encouragement bloom at Swampscott High School. During the month of March the students of Swampscott High School walked into school and found sticky notes on their lockers. On the sticky notes were words of encouragem...

Senioritus hits the Class of 2017

Damon Christie

May 2, 2017

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A plague has hit the upperclassmen of Swampscott High School, it has been known throughout the ages as acute-senioritus, or senioritus for short.   This disease affects any person in Swampscott High School in their Senior y...

Prom season is here!

Damon Christie

April 25, 2017

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On April 28th, most of the juniors will be attending the fairytale-esque night called prom. Taking place at the Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, the prom will be a fun night filled with food, dancing, and music.  A night to reme...

Swampscott High School Drama Club Puts on another Amazing Show

Damon Christie

April 13, 2017

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  From Thursday April 6 to Saturday April 8, the Swampscott High School Drama Club performed the musical Smile. The musical is about a 1980s women’s beauty pageant in California, and had a diverse cast, with people ...

Review: Beauty and the Beast at SMS

Damon Christie

March 7, 2017

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Over the last weekend (March 3 and 4) the Swampscott Middle School Drama Club gave a performance of Beauty and the Beast. The students of SMS gave an amazing performance, led by Victoria Berube (Belle) and Erik Martin (Beast) w...

The Juicy Word and other news from the SHS TV studio

Damon Christie

March 3, 2017

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As a new semester arrives, a new group of students goes into the SHS Studio Production Class, and with that, a whole lot of new shows. The period 3 studio production class is a small class of future film producers, who are ex...

A dance off for for the ages

Damon Christie

February 15, 2017

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  Every year the Swampscott High School Dance Team hosts a fundraiser show called “Dancing With the Staff’, where the faculty at Swampscott High pairs up with the Dance Team girls to face off in an epic dance off. ...

The vacation before vacation

Damon Christie

February 14, 2017

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In recent days, Swampscott and other local towns were hit by large storms that canceled school for a three days--two before the weekend, and one snow day after. It is quite unusual for people to do nothing with their time off...

A New Club Emerges from the Shadows of SHS

Damon Christie

February 6, 2017

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Mrs. Knowles, the vice principal of Swampscott High School, has begun a new club to help the community of Swampscott called Tech Ninjas.   The Tech Ninja movement, as said by Mrs. Knowles, is “the beginning of a tech help ...

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