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Opinion: The Junior Show Went Too Far


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Every year at Swampscott High, the Juniors and Seniors are given the opportunity to have a show run by them featuring all the funny or noteworthy events that have gone on during their time in the Swampscott public education system to reminisce and have some fun before they graduate. This year, the Junior Show, hosted by the class of 2016 in the Swampscott High School Auditorium, showcased many funny skits, stories, and performances; however, many of the jokes and references made were in very bad taste.

While much of the show was light hearted and funny, there were a numerous amount of skits that made students, teachers and guests very uncomfortable. Skits included a crude impersonation of Bruce Jenner, as well as slut-shaming, racism, and other offensive content. One sophomore who chooses to remain anonymous stated, “It was horrific. They made jokes out of serious content that they didn’t even have the authority from supervisors”. Hosts took stabs at many freshmen who they suggested have taken risque pictures of themselves.

To many other students, however, there was no problem with these “controversial” displays of events.  Many believe that the jokes made were simply jokes, and that they should not be taken as seriously as many are taking them. The Junior and Senior Shows have always been at least a bit offensive regarding jokes and jabs at students and teachers made throughout the production, so there should not be a problem that the Junior Show this year had content such as that in it as well, right? If there was not as much offensive content, then it may have been more acceptable; however, it was simply not needed to make the show funny, nor did it achieve in making the show entertaining. Much of the laughter during these bits of the show was from shock rather than amusement.

The Junior Show this year included many distasteful skits, verbal attacks towards many students in the school as well as many of the teachers, all of which was only truly funny to those who wrote the lines and who were not a victim. This is not what the Junior Show should, or is supposed to be. It is supposed to include performances and skits not meant to harm anyone, but instead made to make everyone laugh. Making the jokes that they did only hurt some people and promoted the stigma and generalizations of many groups and things, such as slut-shaming as well as promoting transphobia. These are harmful and fragile topics to be discussed while talking about them in a serious way, so turning the subjects into a complete joke and poking fun at them did only harm.

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One Response to “Opinion: The Junior Show Went Too Far”

  1. Mike Johnson on October 29th, 2015 8:21 pm

    I found this article to have some great points, and I agree that some of the skits included in the junior show may have stepped across the boundary line. As a school and community we should be coming together and supporting each other rather than trying to embarrass a group of girls in front of people who live in the town icluding their friends,family, and teachers. It is ok to have fun with skits, but i agree that the people who put on the show went overboared with some of their jokes. You never know how people will feel to something you say about them.


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Opinion: The Junior Show Went Too Far