SHS to be more environmentally-friendly

Mary Alice Brennan

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Environment Club, or “Enviro Club”, is a brand new environment-saving club run by Mahder Tefferra and Mrs. Camire, who oversee the weekly meetings which take place Tuesdays at 7:20 am in room C312. The goal of the club is to make Swampscott High School a more eco-friendly place. During meetings, the members take part in group discussions where they address current threats the environment faces. They work together to brainstorm ideas about how they as a community can take part in the global fight to save the planet. Throughout the year, the club plans to execute as many of these projects as possible.

The founder of the club, Mahder Teffera, said she wanted to create this club because “the environments condition is deteriorating quickly and we as a school and a community can do a lot to help, so I thought, why don’t we?” An ambitious bunch, Teferra mentioned that their long-term goals are “to get rid of plastic in the cafeteria, create an Earth Day festival in April to raise money to do more eco-friendly things for the school, and air dryers in the bathrooms instead of paper towels”. She said that they are currently working on creating a chipotle night to help fund these goals.

Sophomore Hannah Lippman joined this club from the beginning, and says that the club is “super fun and we do a lot of fun fundraisers and we get to think of cool ideas and things that we can buy for the school that will help the environment!” Senior Harry Katz urges people to join because “if you don’t protect the environment now no one is going to protect it later”.

The club is open to any member of Swampscott High School. If anyone would like more information or wants to join, please contact Mahder Tefferra or Mrs. Camire.

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