S.U.R.E held Diversity Fair, promoting Swampscott’s diversity

Myriam Tshowa

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SWAMPSCOTT– The S.U.R.E organization  hosted their 3rd annual Diversity Fair this past Saturday, September 29, 20 at Town Hall  between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., to showcase Swampscott’s diverse group of residents.

The event featured varying activities- from the informative table stations to the lively performances. Though the cultural exhibits seemed to be the main attraction,  the dance and musical performances, activities and games, and food seemed to keep the visitors from leaving.

With this being their third annual fair, Keli Khatib expected an increase in popularity. The feedback was positive. In fact,  Molly Frauenholz- a student at Swampscott High School- stated, “.. it was really interesting and fun to see all the different cultures and background people in Swampscott have”. She added “…the event really captured some of the amazing stories of other people and their ways of life, making it a great opportunity to educate people on their neighbor’s cultures”.

The event was organized and hosted by Swampscott’s community group, S.U.R.E. (Swampscott Unites, Rescepts, Embraces). The group was founded in 2016, in response to the rising tensions within the United States. And as things started to pick up nationally and locally with the Trump Adminstration’s Muslim Ban and the statiska vandilation incident in Marblehead, it seemed that the subject of diversity and culture held a new weight. S.U.R.E. co-founder and member, Keli Khatib, stated that the organization was partly created to “Inspire conversation and cultural competency”.

And the Diversity Fair is just the beginning.

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