SHS encouraging community engagement

Trevor Donahue and Alexis Russo

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On November 22, 2017, Swampscott High School held its annual “Community Service Day” and pep rally.

The day focused on the improvement of the Swampscott community, specifically our interactions with the environment.  The day began with guest speakers Leslie Gradice, Brandon Sullivan, and Haven Hatch from the Climate Reality Project. Ms. Brandy Wilbur, one of the coordinators for the day explained, “They gave us the science behind climate change, must we change our ways. Also talked about good news about climate change and what you can do to make a difference.”

The workshops for the day included organizing for the food drive, working in the garden, recycled art, carbon footprint, endangered species paper mache, mindfulness walks, exploring Swampscott’s biodiversity, yoga, recycling games, discussion about media literacy and climate, painting for the outdoor classroom, stencils for the beach, and notes of gratitude. Wilbur added,“The idea of the day, the town of Swampscott is a certified Green Community since 2010, and the goal is for the town to reduce its impact on the environment”   

Wilbur also stated “The day…is for the students to focus on Environmental and Mental Health. The sustained ability in Swampscott. We need to keep Swampscott a better place to live not only now but for the future.”

Media literacy teacher Tom Reid was also a presenter for a workshop, explaining, “I think Mr. Kravitz and I chose good film excerpts but we didn’t have enough time to really have a strong discussion.”

For the future of this event, Reid added “I would definitely do this again. It’s a good cause and a challenge to teach a group of students of whom I know half but don’t know the other half.” Another teacher involved with the planning, Kate Thomas, added that with more time to plan, next year will be even better.  

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