The question heard around the world

Zack Richards

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Over the course of the last few days at Swampscott High School, one debate has surfaced that has shaken the student body beyond belief: Is water wet?

This question was posed seemingly out of nowhere, with no revolve coming out of it. It should be as easy as simply looking it up and finding the answer everyone’s searching for, but even that provides little result. Everywhere you look, people are giving different scientific reasoning for both sides, arguing back and forth on the matter. One student at Swampscott High, Steven Toomajian, said that the bickering was “Kind of funny at first, but as it grew more intense, it crossed the line from funny to annoying extremely quickly.”

Swampscott High School wasn’t the only facility in the area affected by this recent phenomenon. A student over at Lynnfield High School, Harlee Priestley, reported that other students fought over the same thing. But she had a more optimistic view on the debate. She thinks “It’s hilarious, although it may be stupid, it’s better to be fighting about something silly like this than rather have a much more serious issue.”

And then it doesn’t just stop in Essex County, this recent dispute has branched off to other states. Genim Rakipovski, a student at Susan E. Wagner High School in New York stated “I’m not really sure where or why this question surged through our school, but it’s pretty funny seeing kids go at each others’ necks over if water is wet or not.”

No matter where this question surfaces, it seems like no one has a real answer for it. People are just left both puzzled and divided. Something that was just an odd school-wide matter has grown into a nationwide phenomenon.

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The question heard around the world