Senioritus hits the Class of 2017

Damon Christie

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A plague has hit the upperclassmen of Swampscott High School, it has been known throughout the ages as acute-senioritus, or senioritus for short.  

This disease affects any person in Swampscott High School in their Senior year, or in rare cases, Juniors approaching the end of the school year.  I decided to ask one of the victims, Felicia Silveira, about what she is feeling, she said, “I am feeling that there is no point of doing work in school anymore, and that I am over school, and just ready for graduation.”  Another afflicted person, Quinn Springer, says, “It’s a good excuse not to come to school.”  

It is quite obvious walking down the hallways of SHS, to see the affected Seniors walking down the halls.  Some signs of Senioritas are wearing pajamas, complaining about school work, lack of enthusiasm in class, frequent walks down the hallways, and many more.  If you see a Senior with any of these symptoms, refrain from asking for help with any work, this may result in a failure on the assignment.  

Senioritus has a stronger effect in the warm weather.  Jamie Ring says, “Since the beginning of the 1st quarter, I have had 1% motivation to come to school, though it drops to -12% in warmer weather.”  While Senioritus can attack somebody throughout the whole year, it is most likely to infect another in late May to early June.  To combat this, Swampscott High School will be releasing Seniors May 26th.  

Spencer Aguiar describes the disease as, “When you get really really tired at the end of a really long day, and you are just tired for the rest of the week.”  This symptom is most common nearing the end of the school season, and is usually combined with not being able to do homework, as Toyah Pass mentioned.

Soon, you can expect for this years Juniors begin to show early stages of Senioritus, through mass complaining about school, and Instagram posts reporting that they are ‘over it’.  

If you have any questions about Senioritus, please ask your local teacher for more information.  

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Senioritus hits the Class of 2017