Review: Beauty and the Beast at SMS

Damon Christie

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Over the last weekend (March 3 and 4) the Swampscott Middle School Drama Club gave a performance of Beauty and the Beast.

The students of SMS gave an amazing performance, led by Victoria Berube (Belle) and Erik Martin (Beast) who both filled the stage with amazing singing and even better acting.  The young actors and actresses put on a show that was both funny, touching, and entertaining at the same time.  You can see the amount of time and effort that went into the production.  The costumes were gorgeous, with colorful and vibrant colors on Belle, to a darker and gloomy pallet on the Beast.  The set of the play was also well built, with a background full of stairs and castles, to the town scene having butchers and salespeople.  

After the show we got the ability to meet the cast who were just as friendly, as well as talk to the director Mrs. Bowler.  This is her second year running the musical, after Mr. Kane retired the director position to her.  She has done an amazing job of organizing things, and even having parents and teachers help out with the musical setup.  This really felt like a community event, everyone looking happy to see one another, and at the end of it all, a standing ovations to the outstanding cast and crew.  

The only gripe I hold is that the singing and acting was hard to hear because the music was turned up too high at points.

Overall I would say this play in a 10/10 and may also be the best production ever put on from SMS.  I cannot wait to see another one!

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Review: Beauty and the Beast at SMS