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Damon Christie

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As a new semester arrives, a new group of students goes into the SHS Studio Production Class, and with that, a whole lot of new shows.

The period 3 studio production class is a small class of future film producers, who are excited to make new content.  Each student split off into teams of 2 or 3 and started to plan out their new shows for the public channel.  The goal of the class is to release a show weekly so that the channel and youtube account can stay updated and interesting.

One group is making a show called The Juicy Word, and informational channel about gossip around Swampscott High.  Though there is a twist, one of the gossip parts will actually be a lie, and the audience will have to guess which one is before the group reveals it.  The four person team is made up of Freshmen Leonie Flacke, Maddie Schaefer, Gia Maietta, and Sami Dowd.  

If you have a love of Funko action figures, the next show will be just right for you.  Funko Talk, made by Jacob Olsen, will focus on new Funko Action Figures, and how to get them.  The show will mainly give reveals and reviews of the action figures, and Jacob will also give his opinion on each one.

Also, Jamal and Robert King-Harris are working on a weekly sports show for all the sports lovers.  The show will mainly focus on basketball, and will cover both the local Swampscott team, and the professional teams.  This show will be hosted by the two of them and will be a very personal touch to your nightly TV viewing.

Finally, for every gamer in Swampscott, Seth Olsen will be making a videogame review show.  This show will have Seth unboxing, playing, and commenting on new video games that are coming out in the United States.  He will also be featuring the new Nintendo Switch for his first episode.

If you love to watch TV and wanna see some new amazing shows, make sure to check out the local channel.  If you have Verizon, tune into channel 40, and if you have Comcast, you will want to go to channel 15.

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The Juicy Word and other news from the SHS TV studio