A dance off for for the ages

Damon Christie


Every year the Swampscott High School Dance Team hosts a fundraiser show called “Dancing With the Staff’, where the faculty at Swampscott High pairs up with the Dance Team girls to face off in an epic dance off.

The parody of the TV Show “Dancing with the Stars”, is run by the girls of the Dance Team, with help from their advisor Dani, one of the dance teachers at Studio 21.  One of the Dance Team girls, Alex Berube, explained the process of getting ready for the show, “To choreograph, I’ve been writing down the dance sequence step by step to see how it works,” she later went on to explain the amount of practice that goes in, and how she has “been practicing pretty much everyday.”  This shows too, if you wander down to the dance studio during any lunch or study, you might stumble upon the girls practicing to make the best show to date!  Emily Legere also added that they are trying to get some awesome costumes for this year.

Most of the dance team is super excited for the competition, and a little bit nervous as well, though it is going to be fun.  Emily said, “It’s my last one, I hope it goes out with a bang!” showing her excitement for the show.

The staff are also excited to be dancing in the show to!  The vice principal of Swampscott High, Mr. Kowalski, is looking for redemption, and his first actual win.  Dancing alongside Emily Legere to the song, “Wake me up Before you Gogo,” by Wham, he is ready to win for the first time.  Mr. Kowalski said, “It’s a lot of fun, not much of a dancer, but I give the girls a lot of credit for making me one.”  

Dancing with the Staff is going to be on March 2nd at 7, and will be a night full of family fun for all to join. Tickets can be purchased in advance from a dance team member $7 or at the door for $10.