The vacation before vacation

Damon Christie

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In recent days, Swampscott and other local towns were hit by large storms that canceled school for a three days–two before the weekend, and one snow day after.

It is quite unusual for people to do nothing with their time off, so I went around asking the students of SHS what they did with their extra time off.The student body of Swampscott High had one thing in common– everyone I talked to took some extra time out of their day to sleep in.  Rather than waking up early to get to school, the students enjoyed some extra hours of rest.  Fiona Herring, a Sophomore at SHS, said it was nice to sleep in to a time past 6:30 in the morning.  

After waking up, most of the students either went out onto the ski hills, or went out to see their friends on this extra vacation.  Every person who skied, went up to New Hampshire ski mountains, like Lune, or other popular places.  Other than skiing and hanging out with friends, many people had to shovel out their driveways.  

The Swampscott High School Cheering Team also had two competitions, said by Bella Martin, a Freshman at SHS.  Both of the competitions were out of town, in Natick or Billerica Massachusetts.  The cheering team scored Second place in the Billerica competition, and Third Place in the competition in Natick.  

Overall, people enjoyed their extra break from the snow, and are rested up and happy for the snow days that they got.  From the people I talked to, there was no negativity that was stemmed from the snow day, and people generally had a great time over the five day break.

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The vacation before vacation