What’s new in the studio

Damon Christie

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Recently, the TV studio has made a lot of purchases for new equipment to film events and creative videos.

The Studio has gained a lot of new, more modern cameras, including about 16 new cameras, as well as new microphones and other equipment.  Now the studio has modern equipment that allows them to produce in High Definition.  A Media Arts Lab Student, Rebecca Price, says “I am happy that we finally got the money to afford all these new things and allow all the students to know how to use new equipment instead of the old, outdated ones.”  She also believes that the students are able to produce and create higher quality and better videos with the new modern equipment.  Rebecca also commented on Mr. Douillette, saying “He is really nice, and is making things better.”

Mr. Douillette, the new Media Arts Lab teacher, says that as well as buying new equipment, he is also excited to develope a new curriculum where the students are satisfied with the content they are creating, and the content is audience-ready.  When asked about how he got the new equipment, he said it was purchased with the money earned at the auction, except for the studio upgrade which was from the contract with the cable companies.  He said that, “the equipment doesn’t lead to creativity– you can be creative with a toothpick.”  Mr. Douillette did say, though, that the new additions allow more students to work on their creative projects at once, which helps flow creativity.  

Be sure to check out channel 15 on Comcast and 40 on Verizon to see all the new High Definition content coming from the Swampscott High School Cable Club.

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