Power to the girls: Powderpuff 2016

Ariella Nardizzi

With the annual Swampscott vs. Marblehead Powderpuff Football game right around the corner, both teams are feeling the excitement as the big game nears. The event will take place at 10 am on Saturday, November 19th, at Piper Field in Marblehead.

Powderpuff Football, a long-standing tradition at Swampscott High School, is not only a way for fans to show their support for SHS, but also an opportunity for the graduating class of senior girls to learn football skills and bond with the rest of their grade. “I’m mainly looking forward to getting closer to the girls in my grade,” said linebacker Megan Mentuck. “I feel like this is a real bonding experience for all the seniors.” Running back and offensive co-captain Caroline Munnelly also expressed her excitement to bond with her fellow senior classmates: “I’m really getting to know people that I wouldn’t have interacted with if it weren’t for powderpuff.”

While spending up to four hours per day together for the past month, the senior girls have also been preparing to take on Marblehead; Swampscott’s practices have consisted of try-outs, consistent drills, and aggressive scrimmages. Regarding how the girls have been getting ready for the big game this week – both on and off the field, – Munnelly said that double sessions have been a big factor, as well as “getting hyped up with spirit week.” The team practices five days per week for two hours, with two practices per day the week before the game to ensure that the team is fully prepared. With so much practice and their lives so consumed by football, the girls’ energy is contagious; “Swampscott will definitely win,” said Mentuck confidently. Munnelly also expressed her desire to win on Saturday, saying that she is “hopeful that we will pull through and beat Marblehead.”

Not only are the players preparing for the big game, but Swampscott’s die-hard football fans are as well. Since Powderpuff is such a huge town event for both Swampscott and Marblehead, fans fill the bleachers every year to support their teams. And although the game this year is taking place in Marblehead, students don’t seem particularly worried. “It will be a great game regardless, no matter where it takes place,” remarked Munnelly. Mentuck also expressed her feelings regarding the game being away, explaining that this fact did not faze her. “I’m confident that we can pull through with a win,” said junior and cheerleader Ocean Crawley. While the seniors are on the field, the juniors of SHS will be on the sidelines cheering for their graduating class. “Our fan section will be hype so it doesn’t matter where we win,” added sophomore Simone Nardizzi. Though both teams are extremely confident in their skills, only Saturday’s game will be able to determine the outcome of this year’s rivalry.